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Turn More Shoppers into BuyersSM

Retail sales declining? Growth not fast enough? Fewer shoppers through the doors?

How can we turn more of the shoppers we already have into buyers?

-"Mystery Shopping" for your dealerships

-Patent-Pending process is easy-to-use, accurate, effective

-National benchmarking by brand: How do your dealerships compare; and what can be done to improve?

Manufacturers, dealer groups and individual dealers hire us to measure and help improve the effectiveness of a dealership's sales process by conducting anonymous "mystery shop" evaluations using our patent-pending Pied Piper Prospect Satisfaction Index® (PSI®).

  • Automotive Mystery Shopping; Motorcycle Mystery Shopping; Also RV & Marine
  • PSI measures Sales Effectiveness three different ways:
    1. when a shopper walks through the door (In-Person Mystery Shopping)
    2. when an Internet Lead is received (Internet Mystery Shopping)
    3. when a Telephone Lead is received (Telephone Mystery Shopping)
  • Inexpensive and easily pays for itself - In-Person evaluations for most USA locations cost about $100 each; Internet or Telephone evaluations $39 each.
  • Very simple and easy to use by OEM and dealership employees
  • Compares performance to industry and brand averages; clearly identifies deficiencies and drives improvement immediately
  • Unbiased, "just the facts" approach embraced by dealers
  • Incorporates easily into other internal programs
  • Tried and proven, unmatched industry expertise respected within industry
  • No long-term commitment required - cancel or reschedule any time

Dealers use Pied Piper PSI to quickly and easily

  • Measure their own sales process
  • Compare their own sales process to that of same-brand dealers nationwide
  • Identify sales process areas in need of improvement
  • Improve their sales effectiveness and retail incremental units 

What's different about our patent-pending approach?

Does it work? Dealers and manufacturers who improve Pied Piper PSI sell more vehicles

What can Pied Piper PSI tell us about specific sales process behaviors and their impact on retail sales?

How does Pied Piper PSI work?

How does Pied Piper PSI compare to "sales satisfaction index" owner surveys?

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